Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer so far.....

Wow, I feel like I have already done soooo much this summer and it is only July...well, I guess the end of July. I came to Arizona for my brother's graduation from ASU (Go Jeremiah! He graduated with two bachelor degrees- one in Finance and one in MATH!! I am so proud of him!) and I was also herein AZ for my sweet little cousin's wedding! I say "little" because Emily literally was just this young girl whose hair I'd always do when she wanted to play dress crazy she is married! Anyway, I am very happy for her and Brett; he is a lucky guy! A couple weeks later I flew my mom out to Utah for her birthday. She was so excited that her birthday present was a trip to Utah, but her real surprise was that the next morning we were flying to Hawaii!! I made sure EVERYONE kept it a secret for two months and just a few hours before we were going to tell her at our planned dinner, I messed up and accidentally told her! I was so devastated! Needless to say she was super excited and was laughing at my mistake! So sure enough the next morning we took off to Hawaii for a week and had the time of our lives! One week after that I flew to California with a friend to meet up with some people to go to Magic Mountain, the beach, etc. That was a blast! My friend flew home and I decided to stay in CA for the fourth of July with some other friends....also a blast :) ....(maybe I need a new adjective). Huntington Beach had this huge parade that I actually thought was really entertaining to the point where I ignored the whole social scene (which is what we were originally there for) and became enamored by the crazy floats, old dancing men, gymnasts on moving floats and theatrics....anyway, it was weird- and I like weird. Then I drove home from CA with some friends. When I say "home" I mean my real home- ARIZONA! I have loved seeing my family and friends here! Too bad half my family is gone for the summer; I really miss them!! I flew back to UT for a bit and am back here in AZ for just a sec and then am back in UT! I've decided to move from Provo to Salt Lake which will be fun! So that is my summer wrap up in short! Some pics of the summer are below. More to come....

This silver guy is seriously in the street every time I go to Waikiki....anyway, photo op

My mother is seriously so cute! What a babe! This was at a restaurant- random..
This was taken while on the canoe ride at the Polynesian Cultural Center- so beautiful!

My mom getting up on her surfboard- she was awesome! When my mom begged to go surfing I insisted that it wouldn't be fun (mostly because I have always thought it was so cheesy when people talk about how they went surfing...ha), but since she is from Southern California and she has always loved it, and after all this was her birthday trip, we went. I decided to just hang out on the beach, but after watching her and our friends out there for a while I finally said, "Okay- I'm bored and it's hot so I'm getting in". I tried it, got up immediately and loved it! It was so fun!
This was right outside our room at the Ko' Olina resort....Hawaii is sooo gorgeous!

Fireworks on the beach with some friendsI went sailing with some friends in San Diego and I was absolutely thrilled to get this close to the seals! I am truly a child.. This is my cute little Taylor Eve! She is so perfect & named after me! I love her!

This video cracks me up! I went to go see Landen and Taylor and he has picked up on so much of what you'd see a rocker do! He is so funny and animated for a two-year-old (actually just turned 3 on Saturday- Pioneer day, but was two when I filmed this a few weeks ago).

Landen asleep....probably after a little dancing....

Landen's birthday party at Amazing Jake'sThis was so cute...Josh decided to take a quick swim after his work-out and Taylor couldn't wait for him to come back so she just sat there and starred through the sliding glass door. Dinner with some friendsDiamondbacks game with one of my best friends, Jason! We matched- call it May-Kate and Ashley, but I was so happy!