Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've realized I just don't care too much about blogging at this point in my life. Sorry. I prefer a journal. Did that sound a little negative-Nancy? ...not meant that way, it's just that I can't force the blogging just isn't my thing right now. I'll try anyway.

On a REALLY happy note...Jeremiah is getting married! I am soooooo excited! We absolutely looooove Becky and could not dream up a better girl! When he proposed, I was hiding and took these pics:

They are both such incredible people!! Congrats!!!

So to all 2,000 of you who read my blog (divide that by one thousand) that I never even read myself, maybe I should give you a really exciting update.

So as you know ("you" meaning Emily, Natalie and Miranda...aka the only people I have even told I have blog :), I was training to run that half marathon in honor of grandpa and his 80th birthday. I was super excited and was really getting into it. Sean ran with me and was getting pretty into it, as well. Well, my foot started hurting...long story short..I got a stress fracture. I was pretty deflated at first, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise. A week later, when I was in AZ for Thanksgiving, I got sick and...again, long story short...when I saw a doctor after coming back to UT he said I had something very serious. He then told me that I needed to be on bed-rest for a month and that if I had continued running and exercising that week things would have become extremely bad!! I told him there was no way that was going to happen at which point he immediately replied and said, "Patients have committed suicide over how bad the pain from this can become. Do not worry about school or work- get on bed rest or you will regret it". What do doctors know? Ha....that's not funny. Anyway, I told Sean and at first he laughed and didn't belive me until I told him I was serious and he freaked out because his grandma died from this. Needless to say, I was pampered even more than normal; no complaints-definitely nice. I didn't really tell that many people because I'm never that vocal about so-called "problems". I believe they are always blessings in disguise. That's not too say that I am always Ms. Upbeat and Perky during trials, but the truth is, I've never understood people who enjoy or prefer sympathy on a normal and consistent basis. I really like being there for people as they struggle; I am not as much a fan of getting the help. I've recently learned that is a little something called "pride" ha...and is something I need to work on improving. Um, anyway, I'm getting off track...
Soooo, the strange thing is that grandpa actually had this sickness at one point. Maybe this was my way of bonding with him since I was no longer able to do the run. I was so sad to not be able to run in his honor, but having suffered from this ailment, I'm sure he understood. Who can guess what it was? Haha...are we really playing guess-my-sickness-trivia? Ten points to the first person :)'s over for worries!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHERE DO I EVEN START WITH THIS ONE?!?!? Alicia Renee Webster is my sister and I could not ask for anyone better! She is the best sister in every way possible! Everyone that knows her knows that when you are around her you are going to have a good time. She cracks me up every day! She always has my back and is there for me no matter what. Alicia is the best mom to her kids and she loves her husband so much. Sometimes I just watch Alicia and Mitchell and after 13 years of being together and over 6 years of marriage they are still so cute and playful! They crack each other up and love to spend time together.

Alicia has always been a leader and I was definitely her little follower growing up. She used ot take me by the hand when we were toddlers and take me into the nieghbors' houses whether we knew them or not! Ha!

Alicia is the most intelligent girl I know and has a witty sense of humor that blows people away! She is so talented in so many ways that its hard to try to keep up with. I looooooove this girl so much and am so happy she is my sister!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sooo happy to relax!

I am so glad Halloween is over and I am sooo excited for the holiday season!! Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks..enjoy!

I can't believe this is Sean..

My attempt to do Sandy from Grease...translation: This was our third Halloween party and I had no more costumes so I borrowed from my roommates.

My good friend Riley from The Great Life Foundation

Chad the rocker

Johnny Knoxville and I...

This girl was teaching her friend how to ride a bike and I couldn't resist taking a picture; they were so cute and sweet!

Oh how I love this girl! She is my old roommate from Peru! I just want to squeeze her she is so awesome!

This kid was so sweet! At the 80's dance he asked me to dance and this is how he wanted to dance...oh my melted heart

I have so much to do right now, but it feels so nice to just lay in my bed and type for a second. This past week was suuuuper busy and so great! I studied for and took 4 mid-terms, Had to type 2 four-page reports, packed-up and moved from Provo to the Salt Lake area, worked, schooled, was very busy, but I felt total peace, reassurance, blessings and miracles from the Lord!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My sweet little Ryen's birthday was a couple days ago and she is now three! She might be the funniest little three year-old girl you'd ever meet! I laugh just thinking about her. She is almost exactly the way Alicia was when Alicia was younger- looks, personality, everything! Her energy is out of this world..along with her independence and understanding of things. Ryen has the sweetest side to her along with being super independent. She loves to be loved and loves to give it. She is not shy in the slightest and says the funniest things every, single day. I just love this girl so much I cannot even describe! Aunt Nini loves you, Button Nose!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SO glad I can just type like it's my journal since I haven't really told anyone about my blog!

I just had a 14 hour day at school....why am I awake?

Oh well, I am so happy right now!

Soooo.....I was thinking....I had a break between classes today and the tv was on BYU tv. If you've ever seen BYU tv around noon, you'd know there is this whole show dedicated to scrapbooking. Yes, a whole show. This may be exciting for some (especially if you're really into blogging...which is like electronic scrapbooking), but for I couldn't help but to smile as I watched these super-sweet, very dedicated women talking about things I had never even heard of. There were other people in this little break room so I was about to start making a joke about the show, but I stopped myself because I thought maybe they were into it.

Hmmm...ok so this made me start thinking. I am one of the only girls I know that has never had any interest in scrapbooking whatsoever (I would pay someone else to do it, I'm sure), I'm just now trying to get myself to be into blogging, I have never even thought about what colors, flowers, themes, cake, etc. that I would want at my wedding (I've actually only even thought about a wedding in general starting a number of months ago), and the last 5 or 6 guys I've dated have all coincidentally said the same exact words, no joke, "Being with you is like dating a dude". Ha!! Wait....that may not be a compliment...Anyway, maybe it's time to start being a little more dainty...

btw, this has nothing to do with my post, but here are some flowers (before they all opened) Sean got for me the other day for no reason- he does that a lot and it is very sweet. What a good boy!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Today is sweet little Taylor Eve's birthday! She is officially a number! My neice is soooooooo adorable and cracks me up with her precocious and already-defined personality. She is one year today, but she KNOWS what she wants and makes a point to get it! When she is with my dad she will not go to anyone. If he walks into the room it doesn't matter what she is doing, she will drop it and go to him. She loves her daddy (my little...well, not-that-little brother), but is a mama's girl for sure! Kirsten and Josh are so good with their kids and really make it a point to show them love and teach them things. Right now I am in Utah so I can't make it to her birthday party, but I hope she knows I love those sweet, chubby cheeks and am so glad she came into the world!