Thursday, May 28, 2009


Where do I even start? Today is my mom's birthday and if I were to list all of her amazing traits this blog would never end. I love her so much! She is so selfless and Christ-like that it's hard to even focus on just a few of her characteristics.

I can honestly and truly say that I have NEVER heard my mother gossip! There is something to be said about the pure love one must possess in order to be able to accomplish a goal like that one.

Everyone who knows my mom agree.....she has THE CUTEST laugh and voice of all time!! It is so darn adorable! Her voice is so perfectly her- sweet and sure. Sometimes (sorry mom) I'll call her on speaker-phone to show everyone her perfect little voice and everyone just wants to be her friend because she is so warm, inviting, playful and innocent. Just so you know mom, everyone I've done that to either wants to be your new BFF because you're so cute or they want to date you (obviously the guys :).

My mom is soooo talented! She can cook like no one's business, sing like a professional, learn anything in about 15 seconds flat ( When we play Cranium everyone tries to get her on their team because she knows all the answers to the most RANDOM questions ranging from art to history to space to medicine to you name it- she's quick so watch out!). Any time I've ever had a health question she has had the answer. I'm pretty sure she's read close to a million books in her lifetime. She is extremely intelligent.

She is so selfless, giving and thoughtful! If she had something that another wanted there wouldn't even be a second thought before giving it away. Almost every time we talk she tells me about something she found while shopping or online that she bought for me because she thought I would like it. Are you kidding? How cute is that?

She spent her Christmas in the hospital having me. As if giving birth to such a huge baby wasn't sacrifice enough.

My mother had one of the hardest upbringings I have ever heard of. She experienced things that break my heart to hear and yet has become so wonderful after suffering so much. Whenever I even begin to complain about something in my life, I think about her and I quickly realize how much I was blessed while growing up and am still blessed with today. Her example goes to show that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, anyone can become anything they have ever dreamed about if they just put their faith in our Heavenly Father and do what is right.

She is such a hard worker and is so intent on helping others- even to the point where it has become her profession. She is a firefighter and has been for over 15 years now. This girl is tough and at the same time is so cute and feminine.

Because of her limitless charity and empathy for others she takes her work home with her emotionally. Obviously, in her line of work she has not only witnessed several traumatizing situations, but has also made it her life to dive in and help the people she serves when she goes on call. Recently she described to me with a great amount of emotion and concern a call that her department went on for an automobile accident. A child died and other family members were severely injured. When the grandmother arrived at the hospital my mother just held her as they both cried. Even though this is something she has encountered on more than one occasion throughout the years, she has not allowed this repetition to callous her or desensitize her in any degree. This to me shows genuine Christ-like love for God's children. Not one second of that moment was fabricated on her part as demonstrated to me by her continuing concern for that family and deep emotions portrayed when describing that event. I love her so much for that.

Among her millions and millions of other rare and true qualities, she has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has always shared that with us verbally and through her actions. I remember specifically a woman being very jealous of her and was making it known. My siblings and I were very annoyed and started saying negative things about this woman. My mom very soberly and seriously stopped and in her reprimanding yet kind way told us that woman was still a child of God and we needed to stop talking about her immediately. At first, we all openly disagreed with my mom and said that we did not like that woman treating our mom that way and we would keep talking about her because she deserved it, but my mom remained firm in her standards and continued to defend this lady. I will never forget that experience, although I'm sure my mom already has. What an example of righteousness to myself and my brothers and sister. Her example and testimony have edified me and been a guideline for me my whole life and I cannot imagine not having that to aid me. Thank you for that and everything else you have done for me!


Monday, May 25, 2009

When did I become such an early riser...?

No, seriously....How am I awake right now? Oh well, I am happy I can get my day started! I have not taken the time to really investigate this whole blogging thing or to even blog at all, but I can at least post this pointless story.....

So a couple weekends ago I went to Huntington Beach for this singles conference. I have to admit, I DID NOT want to go, but I felt like I should and it ended up being so much fun! My old roommate here in Utah named Amy now lives in HB so we hung out the whole time; man, I miss that girl! Anyway, I drove down with my friend Ron and his younger brother Steve who are both hilarious. Since this was a "mid-singles" conference (my first one, btw) I was definitely the youngest person attending...besides Steve who is 23 and was such a good sport! On Friday and Satuday night they had a huge dance so Steve decided to spice things up a bit since he was just there for fun and wasn't really lookin' for love....(Just so you know, I have never seen so many vultures ready to strike! All the guys were there for a purpose-to find a wife- and they meant business! It was a meat-market for sure! Good for them, though...I have to admire one's persistence in pushing toward the big M!). Back to he stopped by Wal-Mart to get some toiletries and happened upon an eye patch. He bought the eye patch to wear it to the dance and when girls would walk by he'd lift the eye patch and say, "Well, hello there!"...ha!! It was so hilarious! Maybe you had to be there, but I was laughing for hours.

At the end of the night a big group of us went to the ever popular late night Denny's substitute Harbor House; always gross food, but always a good time. While we were waiting for our food, a group of drunk cougars paraded by our table, so naturally Steve decided this was a fantastic opportunity! We all pitched in money and dared him to go give the leader of the pack-o-cougs a dance at her table. Sure enough, Steve didn't even care about the money, he just loved the idea. He went over to the table and started dancing away and lifting up his shirt. What he didn't realize though, despite everyone desperately trying to tell him, was that he was at the wrong table! He was giving a dance to a grown man..a very confused and disturbed man. He eventually realized and just walked away to start his dance for the intended table. It was sooo funny!

Love my sis!

So last night I had one of my many daily talks with my sister. We are so close and always have been. She is so amazing and is the most capable, powerful and amazing woman! After talking for over an hour, I thought about how grateful I was to have had the opportunity to discuss all the things we did. She has been who I rely on emotionally and I am that outlet for her (second to Mitchell of course:). What a blessing to have such an incredible and true friend in my life! I just love her!