Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHERE DO I EVEN START WITH THIS ONE?!?!? Alicia Renee Webster is my sister and I could not ask for anyone better! She is the best sister in every way possible! Everyone that knows her knows that when you are around her you are going to have a good time. She cracks me up every day! She always has my back and is there for me no matter what. Alicia is the best mom to her kids and she loves her husband so much. Sometimes I just watch Alicia and Mitchell and after 13 years of being together and over 6 years of marriage they are still so cute and playful! They crack each other up and love to spend time together.

Alicia has always been a leader and I was definitely her little follower growing up. She used ot take me by the hand when we were toddlers and take me into the nieghbors' houses whether we knew them or not! Ha!

Alicia is the most intelligent girl I know and has a witty sense of humor that blows people away! She is so talented in so many ways that its hard to try to keep up with. I looooooove this girl so much and am so happy she is my sister!!!

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RatalieNose said...

Dude its true Alicia is the freakin funniest person ever. I love and miss you cousin! Are you so stoked for Jerehmiah???