Friday, October 2, 2009


Today is sweet little Taylor Eve's birthday! She is officially a number! My neice is soooooooo adorable and cracks me up with her precocious and already-defined personality. She is one year today, but she KNOWS what she wants and makes a point to get it! When she is with my dad she will not go to anyone. If he walks into the room it doesn't matter what she is doing, she will drop it and go to him. She loves her daddy (my little...well, not-that-little brother), but is a mama's girl for sure! Kirsten and Josh are so good with their kids and really make it a point to show them love and teach them things. Right now I am in Utah so I can't make it to her birthday party, but I hope she knows I love those sweet, chubby cheeks and am so glad she came into the world!

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RatalieNose said...

Taylor is the best!!!
Avery would be in that picture being a goof.
What a Lewis.