Thursday, October 15, 2009

SO glad I can just type like it's my journal since I haven't really told anyone about my blog!

I just had a 14 hour day at school....why am I awake?

Oh well, I am so happy right now!

Soooo.....I was thinking....I had a break between classes today and the tv was on BYU tv. If you've ever seen BYU tv around noon, you'd know there is this whole show dedicated to scrapbooking. Yes, a whole show. This may be exciting for some (especially if you're really into blogging...which is like electronic scrapbooking), but for I couldn't help but to smile as I watched these super-sweet, very dedicated women talking about things I had never even heard of. There were other people in this little break room so I was about to start making a joke about the show, but I stopped myself because I thought maybe they were into it.

Hmmm...ok so this made me start thinking. I am one of the only girls I know that has never had any interest in scrapbooking whatsoever (I would pay someone else to do it, I'm sure), I'm just now trying to get myself to be into blogging, I have never even thought about what colors, flowers, themes, cake, etc. that I would want at my wedding (I've actually only even thought about a wedding in general starting a number of months ago), and the last 5 or 6 guys I've dated have all coincidentally said the same exact words, no joke, "Being with you is like dating a dude". Ha!! Wait....that may not be a compliment...Anyway, maybe it's time to start being a little more dainty...

btw, this has nothing to do with my post, but here are some flowers (before they all opened) Sean got for me the other day for no reason- he does that a lot and it is very sweet. What a good boy!

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RatalieNose said...

"like dating a dude??????"
It's those freakin Utards C!!!
You must come back to AZ!